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We comprehend the critical challenges in strategic decision-making for leaders in land, river, and maritime transport. Empower your key choices with our customized solutions, crafted to provide valuable insights on crucial aspects such as:

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Vessel Telematics

Rivertech® Empowering planners with big data, analytics, IoT, Engine Performance Telematics and vessel data mining for optimized navigation decisions. Elevate your navigation experience!


Bathymetric Survey

EasySurvey® Software, plug-and-play solution for seamless bathymetric surveys. Connect the compatible sonar and GPS, select your data projection, and start recording. Easily export your XYZ data for further processing in Global Mapper.


Software Development

Emotiva crafts custom software that aligns with your business needs. Our team dives deep into your operations to deliver tailored desktop, mobile, and web apps that drive efficiency and growth. Let’s bring your vision to life, together.


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“Rivertech revolutionizes river transportation with its cutting-edge software, remarkably enhancing fuel efficiency, maintenance, and security for a transformative industry experience.”

“Rivertech: A game-changer in river logistics, expertly optimizing fuel use, maintenance, and safety, setting new standards in transportation efficiency.”

“Easysurvey: A navigational masterpiece, providing essential bathymetric data to prevent ship strandings and optimize river transportation with unmatched precision and reliability.”